Lost in the labyrinth of my own mind.

So the first thing I must tell you dear reader is to forgive the rawness of my vocals on this. It was recorded in one single take and was emotional at hte time which can be heard in my voice. The words came into my head as I sang them. It was a very painful time in my life but I also grew beyond my own self. Sometimes you have to take a detour in life to get where you are going. Sometimes you will also find amazing treasure along the path of that detour. I hope you will enjoy this song. The music is by the band “MONO” but the vocals and loops of vocals to create the whispers etc are all of my own self and arrangement.


What’s that you say my dear?

For so long I was slumbering.

Lost in the labyrinth of my own mind.

They held me down underthe water.

Baby broke the surface, aged 10 years in 2 months.

She’s living proof, she’s the super nova.

Intoxicating aroma from skin.

She looks out from under heavy lashes.

Pull off my wings I am just the the dragon fly.

I break the surface of the water, to taste my first breath.

Taste the the air in my lungs, I’m breathing.

I’m living on my own for the very first time.

You can’t try and pin me down.

I’m not your specimen

I’m not yours to cut up

Flutter off into the shy, I’m flying.

I’m flying free

Oh watch me go, let me go.

You can not keep me captive any more.

Just let me go.

Let me fly AWAY.

You put my soul in your pipe and smoked it.

I won’t be your elixir.

I’ll burn you out from the inside.

I’ll trunt to some that you can never touch.

I took and painted over the picture that we had.

I don’t want be with you, I’m not doll for you to play with.

Wash me clean let the wave tickle my toes leaving a smile on my face.

Cast out the sadness
Embrace the inner core

Cast out negativity and be whole again.


The story behind her eyes

Worn thin lost in a haze. Hazy shadow lingering around like a ghost.

Just a darksparkle orbiting in the sky.
A shell, a ghost lost in the machine along the data stream.

Another Girl lost.
Lost in translation.
Take the words from her mouth.

Twist and turn they’ve got her crawling on the ground.

She wants to break the surface and taste the air in her lungs.
Just like a phoenix rising from ashes she starts another day in a cycle bound by their tethers deep in her soul.

She’s just prey to the hunters and traders. Behind their scope her images they snap and steal.

Hidden away left to be cataloged and banked in their secret data vault.

Each time they take another bits of her soul, leaving her traded like currency.

She’s a sacrifice for the masses.
They’ve broken her down into tiny little bits of data.

Each time they take and she looses little bits of herself on the data stream.

Everyone wants their pound of flesh.
A feast for the masses.
They take their fill and discard the shell on the floor.

She’s just running on fumes.
Empty and alone just a ghost of her formerself lost in the machine.

Tattered and torn, crumpled like torn fabric
Fabric of the web straddling the abyss.

In the darkness she sits balancing her black & white hat crooked hat.
They’ve made sure to have her breathe the gaslight fumes.

She surrenders to the monkey pulling on her strings.
She’s got scissors in her coat.
She’s got to be careful not to run or she’ll get cut up.

Watch the blood fall down, as they take another slice to add to their database of her soul.

I’m amazed she still functions at all
Truly amazed she still feels anything at all.
She’s got Half a life left and no one to call friend.