Unscrew the wine, she’ll throw a party line
Stories extreme, she’s such a drama queen
Cries through the night, she choked on Marlboro Lites
Pure charm and grace, she hates her pretty face

Post modern sleeze lyrics

Trading on your super waif

You’re so loretta young silks, fashioning your self escape
You’re so loretta young silks, trading on your super waif
All style before content, using me as bait
You’re so loretta young silks, swapping your love for hate


So alone
Hiding tears
Painting the smile every day and yet under the surface she’s shredded and torn

Tired of the lies
The rejection

The void
Blackness swirling
Dark abyss
He’s just a black hole sucking her sparkle

Turning on the gaslight
Swallowing her up until she’s a shell unrecognizable of her formerself

Screaming fighting

Holding her hands to the flame to feel something anything

The story behind her eyes

Worn thin lost in a haze. Hazy shadow lingering around like a ghost.

Just a darksparkle orbiting in the sky.
A shell, a ghost lost in the machine along the data stream.

Another Girl lost.
Lost in translation.
Take the words from her mouth.

Twist and turn they’ve got her crawling on the ground.

She wants to break the surface and taste the air in her lungs.
Just like a phoenix rising from ashes she starts another day in a cycle bound by their tethers deep in her soul.

She’s just prey to the hunters and traders. Behind their scope her images they snap and steal.

Hidden away left to be cataloged and banked in their secret data vault.

Each time they take another bits of her soul, leaving her traded like currency.

She’s a sacrifice for the masses.
They’ve broken her down into tiny little bits of data.

Each time they take and she looses little bits of herself on the data stream.

Everyone wants their pound of flesh.
A feast for the masses.
They take their fill and discard the shell on the floor.

She’s just running on fumes.
Empty and alone just a ghost of her formerself lost in the machine.

Tattered and torn, crumpled like torn fabric
Fabric of the web straddling the abyss.

In the darkness she sits balancing her black & white hat crooked hat.
They’ve made sure to have her breathe the gaslight fumes.

She surrenders to the monkey pulling on her strings.
She’s got scissors in her coat.
She’s got to be careful not to run or she’ll get cut up.

Watch the blood fall down, as they take another slice to add to their database of her soul.

I’m amazed she still functions at all
Truly amazed she still feels anything at all.
She’s got Half a life left and no one to call friend.

Apple kit kat

Sucks that there’s only 10 in the package but OMG y’all they actually taste like biting in to a real apple.

Just a little wafu pasta for dinner

Pandora’s dragon

Still one of my favorite paintings that I made. I didn’t intend to paint a dragon.. but it simply morphed into being as I painted the swirl of colors before my eyes.

Spin spin, round and round.
Black magic in babes hands.

She looks out from under heavy lashes.

Lashes on skin, babes milky white powder covering the bruised exterior.

Whitewashed picket fence around the dilapidated exterior.

Hidden stories behind walls, crash into the chaos of terror and disconnection.

Disconnected from the world, intoxicationg liquid aroma from her skin.

Pull the off her wings she’s just the dragon fly.

Watch her try to break the surface of the water to take her first breath.

Don’t try and pin her down. She’s not your specimen.

Flutter off into to the sky, she’s flying like a caged bird who can’t sing.

Slipping from the world into the next. Let her fly away.

Don’t put her soul in your pipe and smoke it, she’ll burn you out from the inside.

Take the brush and paint over the picture.

I started this 3 years ago. Eventually it will be a queen-size bed topper. One row takes me 45 minutes to an hour to finish depending on how intensely I concentrate. When I feel over and my thoughts begin to ramble in the labyrinth of my mind I will pull this out and crochet until I feel grounded and relaxed, at which time I pack it back in my sewing purse. sure I could spend a month and finish it all at once..but then it wouldn’t be therapeutic. You see I don’t craft because I can, I craft because I need to take the existing and create something new.

Struggling, Trying to keep my head above the water. Feeling like the earth is being shoveled back over me as I lay on the ground.

Trying to keep the tears from spilling, piling down, stacking up and on top of one another; over and over like Alice in wonderland engulfing me.

I feel Lost and alone uncertain where my path is, trying to put one foot in front of the other but feeling like I’m on shaky ground. Wobbling too and fro straddling this world and the shadow world.

I don’t want to feel like this and yet I do. There’s no reason for it but here I am. Uncertain staring out from under heavy lashes. Floating soundlessly, wandering through the world.  It’s as if someone pulled off my wings, grounding me to this place. Lost in the labrnthe of my own mind

Another day, and I’m still alive. Breathing thinking evolving. Fighting the judge and jury in my head.

#spinspinsugar with your head in the speakers. Tie your #lortettayoungsilks round your neck and as you break the click track hearts of imaginary beings and spit it out

Getting back to the core of who I really am.

Finally cut my bangs back in. Will see hiw it looks in the morning when I wash my hair.. but I’m feeling pretty damm confident in my self identity right now.

Magic comes from pain

I asked Josie to take some pictures so I could show off my shirt. She decided to snap these. I really love them all. If you know the shirt then you know magic comes from pain.
Finally comfortable in my own skin again. Watch me emerge a new woman, no longer a child hiding behind my eyes. Take me as I am or exit stage right for Only my loved ones can be left with my heart.

I’m not policing what you think and dream.

I run intoyour thought from across the room.

Just another trick. Can I weather this?

I’ve got a fever above my waist. You got a squeeze box on your knee.

I know the truth is in between the 1st and 40th drink

Concertina -Tori Amos

Nom nom.

Made all thus last night for dinner. Well my little sous chef aka mini me helped direct. 😂

Pink hair don’t care

It’s amazing how something so simple as trying on a wig can change your looks. This wavy pink wig in my opinion brings out thT serious but yet playful sexy demure goddess that’s hiding behind my eyes.

Before the slumber.

I break the surface and take my first breath.

I’m breathing for the very first time.

For so long they held me down under the water.

Baby broke the surface, aged 10 years in 2 months.

She’s living proof she’s the super Nova.

Super Nova in the sky.

Tip me over and pour me out.

Copper cow coffee had a flash sale on their Advent gift box set, so I figured why not. Yummy coffee and when that’s finished I have a really nice box to store my sewing needles and binding in next to my machine. Had my first cup today and it was so yummy 😋

The sakura chronicles

Watch as cherry blossoms tumble from her hands

For so long just slumbering.

They held her down under the water.

Baby broke the surface aged 10 years in 2 months.

She’s living proof, she’s the super Nova in the sky.

Listen to “Take my wings aka so blind” by darksparkle on #SoundCloud

Cold contagious

Rocking out with my syfy The magicians #pennyadiyodi jacket made by the wonderful magali guidasci that I believe was worn by Arjun Gupta in the show.
This is me in a nutshell. Travler heritage with hedge beliefs, who’s book smart.

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Lyrics to match:

Cold contagious by Bush

Wherever you are
You will carry always
Truth of the scars
And the darkness of your faith
Slowly move on
How did we get to here
It all went wrong
Gravity claiming all your tears
Everything looks so much better now
Looks so much better now
You will get yours
You will get yours
You will get yours
You have no right
To ask me now
You were never that around
And I have missed
Reality day-trips
And your suit me suit me ways
Turn out the light switch
We’ve been awake for days
And no-one’s coming round here no more
No-one’s coming round here
You will get yours
You will get yours
You will get yours
You will get yours
You will get yours
You have no right
You have no right
To calm me down
You were never that around
I have missed
I have missed
Cold contagious
All the mighty mighty men
What you save is
What you lose out in the end
Cold contagious
Cold contagious
Paint your perfect day
I don’t mind this
I’m better off by the way
Deeply grounded
You will get yours
You will get yours
You will get yours
You will get yours
You will get yours
You will get yours
Cold contagious
All the mighty mighty men
What you save is
What you lose out in the end
Cold contagious
Cold contagious

Way beyond the pale

Had me a trick and a kick and your message
Well you’ll never gain weight from a doughnut hole
Then thought that I could decipher your message
There’s no one here dear
No one at all

And if I’m wasting all your time
This time
Maybe you never learned to take
And if I’m hanging on to your shade
I guess I’m way beyond the pale

And southern men can grow gold
Can grow pertty
Blood can be pertty
Like a delicate man
Copper to steel to a hinge that is faltered
That let’s you in let’s you in let’s you in
Something’s just keeping you numb

You told me last night
You were a sun now with your very own

Devoted satellite
Happy for you
And I am sure that I hate you
Too sons too many too many able fires

And if I’m wasting all your time
This time
I think you never learned to take
And if I’m hanging on to your shade
I guess I’m way beyond the pale

-donught song tori amos