Chatter an original song by Darksparkle

Everything arranged and done by me using garage band so so long ago. There’s a deeper story behind this.. but I’m not sure if I’m ready to share it with anyone besides the man stuck in a can. It’s funny how some of the shittiest times in my life brought forth the most creativity. For so long I would have given anything to not be that.. and now that I’m vanilla and balanced… I’m kind of like wait a minute where’d the muse go???

Anchor me to the ground

ON my way to the moon from the depths of the sea

So digging in my old hard drive and I found this one from August of 2009. It’s got a lot of emotion in and behind it. That is to say that this day was a very very strange one. I’m not really ready to go into that but I may at another time.

Instead I’m just going to share it here. It’s from a Moon viewing party. A friend who I have lost touch with took me and took some fun photos while we were on the Nasa campus at Moffett Field.

While this is not one of the most sexy ones it’s a fun one. The sloppy hair was intentional. Since I was a geek girl we thought the anchor was kinda a funny.

The point was this was the core me… carefully balanced and hanging on for dear life with a smile. Navigating the web as a GEEK GIRL..

Such A long time ago and I’ve changed and tried to reinvent myself so many times… but the truth of the twisted reality is this is still the core of who I am.

I’m still the avant garde, glasses wearing, blonde geek girl. I think it’s time to embrace that part of myself more and bring it backout.

A Brief glimpse into the original Invited Intrusion visual project

Digging and finding files stashed on hard-drives, the cloud, usb sticks and the like. These images are from a project that I thought I’d lost the original files to. While I am the subject matter of some not all of this project are of myself.. there’s some pretty amazing files I have and will share with you at a later date. For now I felt like sharing these ones. I still have the written prose/stories that goes with each..but these are some of the personas that I was and explored in as around mid to late 2000. I was exploring the ideas of “masks, alternate personalities and personas” All of these are parts of a whole but when you pull then apart they are each unique and fully formed representations. You have to really look beyond the surface of the images as there’s subtle things layered and blended in…all these subtle and not so subtle images and the emotions they evoke make up the overall image but the moment you take off one layer the image will change. Now with the idea of NFT’s I’m wondering if I should “re-publish” this collection… and sale myself into the digital nether world.. hmm.. something to to stop and think about. I need more info on nft’s and I have to really decide if I’m willing to sale myself… For now I’m sharing thes… I reserve all copy rights so please don’t steal my work.