A heater for a man stuck in a can

Heater! That’s been stuck in my head. It’s strange how thoughts return to places and take root again. For so long I was angry and then was asked for forgiveness and I gave it blindly. I cared deeply and gave all I could until you decided to flip your switch again, that’s your prerogative after all. Years go by and I reach out again forgiving and giving you a sanctuary in my soul and again you disappeared like a ghost in the shell…and yet still here I am with forgiveness still in my heart…I can’t blame or hate you… because I understand the boy behind the man. I wish we could just be friends and geek out like we once did in a happier time.. but all I can do is move forward. I gave you the map long ago, if you ever need me you know where to find my buried treasure. Perhaps one day we can have dinner again and I’ll make Salmon and Rice pilaf again for you. Time to pull myself out of the haze and wander down another corridor of thoughts.

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