Below is what I posted on my facebook page.. but I wanted to post here… cause I can be more open and free.. I’m sitting here balling my eyes out. I hadn’t in the year plus it’s been since this beautiful soul left this earth from a drug overdose. The second friend i the last few years to overdose.

I want to write so much but I’m afraid I can’t right now… I’m just to overwhelmed with the emotions coming out .. I need to cry and let this all out.

He was the true embodiment of PLUR Peace love , unity, Respect ❤

Mark Cowhead Dammit… I miss you my friend. I found this picture from when we met…what a strange time that was in my life. Despite your own things, you’re one of the few people who actually sat down with me and helped me get back on my path. Even after that we remained friends. I remember when you came down to visit me in pacifica and I I made us a 6 course Vegetarian spread and we drank wine and talked. You and I going to amanda palmer up in sf and me crying during the performance cause my emotions were high and my synesthesia had just begun to manifest as sound/emotion & you just hugging me and telling me it’s ok let it out if anyone gives you a hard time I”ll box their ears, which was surprising cause you’re not one to say that normally. ❤ I love you and I miss you so much. You’ll always be in my heart and I thank you so much for your friendship and helping put me back on the path of light and love.

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