how to inadvertently piss off a elf king & then try to apologize

Well apparently I had one of my moments where I tweeted my opinion and didn’t put on the social filter.

Sorry I would have said the same thing to my best mate if they were wearing the same thing and I wanted them to know how I thought they’d look better without. I do tend to have dry sense of humor but hey again to each their own.

Sorry if they felt insulted but it wasn’t my intention.. I think they have a lovely face and have enjoyed watching them acting. Never thought they’d respond and I apologize for my blunt delivery, truly I meant no insult I just don’t like that style glasses of in general.

Do what makes you happy and if you like those frames go for it but I don’t. Same with my (Giant somewhat ridiculous) looking frames you’re welcome to like them or not.

My apologies to the person and as a show of good faith I’m removed the original tweet. I hope you have a lovely day can’t wait to see your upcoming episodes of acting in your show.

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