More of the Invited intrusion project with the original written stories & mymusings on digital theft of artists

AS I stated in my post yesterday.. the original invited intrusion project had prose/stories to go with the pictures, and were published in a hard cover coffee table flip through book for just a a few close people. Nothing large in fact it was small 6×8 if I remember correctly. Anyway I found the original files.. again I don’t want to share everything as I’ve not decided what I want to do with them. Also there’s the fact that everyone thinks it’s ok to repost and borrow and steal images from the web. Just because I share and post something somewhere doesn’t give you the right to repost and use my copyrighted work without my express permission. I have had my work stolen, copied and even sold without my consent, and I haven’t I seen a penny from these stolen and copied works.

Everyone tells me oh but it’s exposure.. your work is getting out there. I’m sorry but no… these are my creations.. and often times that inspiration to create has come from a very private and often very painful place within myself… so no… you need to respect the original artist… this is kind of why I’m a little bit drawn to the ideas of NFT’s but at the same time it’s also ridiculous… idk… I am definitely mixed on this subject… what do you think? SHall I get on one of the sites and release the collection??? WOuld you buy one like the piece below? WOuld you buy a tiny bit of my soul..for yes all my creations have bits of me in them.

This is one of the original images with it’s story to go alongside. Many of these also ended up becoming song lyrics to music that I made. I had hoped to make a audio and visual installment.. but since the background music, the songs I sang against established artists I can’t can’t publish for profit without permission and well it’s going to be next to impossible to get permission.. and then there’s the whole fact that I’m a hypocrite.. I just sat there bitching about someone using my work.. and yet for my music I did the same thing.. I reworked someone else’s music with my own vocals and changed the work completely.. when does it become a new piece of work.. how much do you have to change to call it “new” to be able to call it your own now and not stolen?

Anyway.. I’m rambling and my thoughts are a bit disjointed. It’s been a morning from hell and I’m utterly and completely lost in my thoughts…and I need to stop this and get off the computer. The excavation of these old files has taken it’s toll on me I’m afraid. The difference between now and when I created these art pieces previously.. is I would just continue to spiral and become more and more overwhelmed until i both imploded and exploded on everything around me… so to avoid getting to that point.. I’m going to go make a cup of tea and take a nap. I need to let the neural pathways that are waking up have a rest. I’m happy to get some of these pathways back.. because I miss the creative bursts…but I also can’t do it all at once. So my dear lovely reader.. I hope you enjoy my ramblings as I explore my own head. I would definitely LOVE to know what you this of this particular art work below? I know you’re dying for the back story… ah perhaps soon I’ll dive into the that very very complex story. For now Let me know what this image evokes and speaks to you. ❤

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