I really hate people today.

I’m so over the drama and toxic environments.

Like I actively left my fb account and then the one time I log into it to get a phone number for a friend I wanted to check on…its a shit show.

Naturally I’m bombarded with ping, ping msg notifications poping up. A few are you feeling ok txts but then comes the emotional vampires… Just ugh!

Anyway I wanted to vent and get this icky feeling off my skin. Shudder.

I’m going to go vege and watch TV. If you are interested I’m currently binge watching “Elementary” with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. I like their charters as I can relate to both in many ways.

Anyway my fellow reader I hope you are having a lovely day. Feel free to leave comments or ask me questions. I’ll answer what I feel comfortable with sharing as long as it’s not creepy, dirty or illegal. LoL. What would you like to know about the person behind the blog?

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