Spin spin, round and round.
Black magic in babes hands.

She looks out from under heavy lashes.

Lashes on skin, babes milky white powder covering the bruised exterior.

Whitewashed picket fence around the dilapidated exterior.

Hidden stories behind walls, crash into the chaos of terror and disconnection.

Disconnected from the world, intoxicationg liquid aroma from her skin.

Pull the off her wings she’s just the dragon fly.

Watch her try to break the surface of the water to take her first breath.

Don’t try and pin her down. She’s not your specimen.

Flutter off into to the sky, she’s flying like a caged bird who can’t sing.

Slipping from the world into the next. Let her fly away.

Don’t put her soul in your pipe and smoke it, she’ll burn you out from the inside.

Take the brush and paint over the picture.

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