Struggling, Trying to keep my head above the water. Feeling like the earth is being shoveled back over me as I lay on the ground.

Trying to keep the tears from spilling, piling down, stacking up and on top of one another; over and over like Alice in wonderland engulfing me.

I feel Lost and alone uncertain where my path is, trying to put one foot in front of the other but feeling like I’m on shaky ground. Wobbling too and fro straddling this world and the shadow world.

I don’t want to feel like this and yet I do. There’s no reason for it but here I am. Uncertain staring out from under heavy lashes. Floating soundlessly, wandering through the world.  It’s as if someone pulled off my wings, grounding me to this place. Lost in the labrnthe of my own mind

Another day, and I’m still alive. Breathing thinking evolving. Fighting the judge and jury in my head.

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